Dog Licences

Dog Licenses

All residents who own a dog (or multiple dogs) must license their pet(s) annually and attach a license tag to each pet. Licenses can be purchased at the Municipal Office, 2 Fifth St, Balmertown ON.

See the chart below for licensing fees

Kennel License

Any person applying for an annual kennel license must contact the Bylaw Enforcement Officer. Any proposed kennel facilities must comply with the zoning by-law, building code and applicable business licensing.

Renewing a License

Licenses expire every January and can be renewed at the Municipal Office. A new dog tag will be issued during the renewal. Residents renewing after the renewal deadline may be subject to additional fees.

License and Renewal Fees


Fees 2024

Spayed or Neutered   $17
Non-Spayed or Non-Neutered   $32
Additional Dog in excess of 2   $100 per dog
Replacement Tag   $5
Transfer Owner Fee   $5
Late Licensing Fee   $10
Working Dog   $0

Pound Fees


Fees 2024

1st Offense   $80
2nd Offense   $155
3rd and Additional Offense(s)   $205
Daily Maintenance Fee (Excludes day of pickup)   $35
Destroy Dog   $200
Surrender Fee   $100
After Hours Release Fee   $20
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