Updated August 2022

Current Projects

Here is a listing of the Municipality's progress on Capital Projects




Multipurpose Trail

Construction of asphalt trail from sidewalk at High School to Hughes Crescent (600 meters), including benches and trail lighting.

Construction is complete!

Asphalt to be completed – Summer 2023

Norseman Park Improvements

Beautification improvements including lighting and the addition of cultural and heritage elements

Design work has begun.

Expected date of completion – Summer 2024
Street Lights Expansion of street lights throughout the Municipality. Summer 2023
Cochenour Watermain Replacement Replacement of watermains and new asphalt - Elliot Street, Murdock Street and Lakeview Avenue Summer 2023
Sidewalk Replacement Howey Street (CIBC to lights) Summer 2023
Red Lake Cemetery Expansion and upgrades to cemetery and columbarium Summer 2023
Bridge Upgrades Forestry Road Bridge Summer 2023
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation of EV Charging Station at Phillip Thomas Vinet Centennial Park Fall 2023
Ferry Docks Upgrades to Cochenour and McKenzie Island Ferry Docks Summer 2023
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